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• Don’t Sleep - Lyfe Harris [@LyfeHarris]

Lyfe Harris [@LyfeHarris] takes the current spot on our New Artist list


I love how there is no formula to finding new talent. It’s unexpected and slightly exhilarating to lay eyes on a name and slowly explore one track, then a mixtape and next thing you know they’ve taken the number one spot in your recently play list.

Here’s an example, Lyfe Harris. This LA based singer, songwriter and producer reserves a spot on the list of artists that perfect the mood on warm…

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• New Video: In The Shell - Gadda [@gaddamusic]


In Toronto, it seems that the younger musical generation have a grasp of what’s real. They are normally the first to call “bullshit.” Desperately seeking for truth within others and within themselves. Gadda is one of the few that seems pretty grounded and spiritually connected. He knows exactly what he wants and knows exactly what his stage show is supposed to look like. His music transcends and…

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• New Video: Everything Burns - The Righteous Young [@righteousyoung]

Wynter Gordon

Since the emergence of alternative/experimental singer Wynter Gordon, I have always been enamoured with the fact that she is a REAL artist. No fillers. No foolishness. No flush. No gimmicks. Real shit. From beginning to end. Even her short-lived stint doing EDM was more authentic than many who try to “cross over.” She is about music. And no matter where she turns, or where she goes, no one is…

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Don’t Sleep: Friyie [@FriyieMusic]


I have known Friyie for some time and I can honestly say nobody hustles harder. Formally known as D-Money Chaser, Friyie has been on the Toronto Hip-Hop scene for a while. Only 20 years young, since dropping his Hottest In The City Mixtape in 2011, he has kept on his grind. Headlining a show at the Sound Academy last summer and then winning the 2013 Toronto’s Got Talent competition. With his…

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• New Video: Half Dead - Chris Cartier [@ChrisCartierNYC]

• New Video: Half Dead - Chris Cartier [@ChrisCartierNYC]


Chris Cartier from New York is fairly new to the underground hip hop scene. We blogged about a song that he had previously entitled “The Flame.” He’s a rapper who seems to be budding with his abilities. There will always be room for growth, of course. But the potential is there. Not only is the potential there but I feel like the time taken to deliver incredible quality visuals is extremely…

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• Artist Spotlight: Ratchet&Class - Turn Off The Lights (Light A Candle)

• Artist Spotlight: #RatchetAndClass - Turn Off The Lights (Light A Candle)


Toronto seems to be on a purge of good music these days. Incredible sounds. Musicians who are fearless and are not afraid of being different. Local producer GMF is infamous for producing some of your favourite records for the likes of Staasia Daniels, Tamara Madison, Shi Wisdom & Freddie Gibbs. He’s also known for creating incredible music for himself and some of his more clever cover videos are…

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• Artist Feature: Anabel Englund [@Anabelenglundz]

• .@Anabelenglundz voice and image changing electronic music for the better


With so many electronic artists in today’s music scene, it can be difficult to navigate such an expansive genre to find the vocalists and DJs who collaborate and make quality music.  Anabel Englund, a 21-year-old deep house vocalist based in Los Angeles, is one of the treasures that make sifting through this massive genre worth it .  And what she has to offer is the most ideal…

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• New Video: All I Have - Nevon [@ThisIsNevon]


I couldn’t have asked for a more simple video to match such a simple, beautiful and clairvoyant song with such an important message. Nevon is definitely one of my favourite vocalists from the city of Toronto. Going from singing in a church choir, to handling background vocals to some of the city’s best talent & also teaching vocals is nothing to scoff at. But it’s the fact that he understands…

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