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• New Music x Free Download: Getting There - Cyril Hahn [@CyrilHahn]

Cyril Hahn never disappoints. New single x free download. Get on it. [@CyrilHahn]


Word is spreading that Cyril is changing it up. Moving away from the simpler mixing of R&B samples and becoming a better, stronger original producer. This is his latest track, released on his soundcloud last night. This track’s got a heavy bass line, a new disco feel, and some beautiful vocal samples as per usual. I’m happy about it. If you didn’t get tickets for his show at The Hoxton…

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• New Music: Acoustic Covers Vol. 2- Andreena [@AndreenaMusic]

• Simplicity never sounded so good. Listen and download Andreena’s [@AndreenaMusic] second volume of covers:


Over the past few months, songstress Andreena has been giving us all sorts of YAS HONEY with her weekly installs of acoustic covers. Now, they are available for streaming and downloading. Dabbling in the genres of rap and R&B, these selections display Andreena’s creativity, vocal ability and versatility. Don’t wait, download it now!

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• New Video: Drunk In Love ft. Emojis [#whatsgoingon]

Hilarious new video for Drunk In Love using Emojis [#whatsgoingon]

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 12.33.51 PM

Okay, so some guy on the internet decided that a video for Drunk in Love using emojis was super necessary, and you know what? It was extremely necessary. Literally my chain of thought while watching:

1) Whats going on?
2) Okay…
3) Oh wow!
4) This shit is hilarious.
5) This is DOPE lets watch it again!

I feel like this is going to start a chain of people making videos using emojis, and let me…

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• New Mixtape: Child’s Play- Erik Flowchild [@erikflowchild]

Erik Flowchild makes greatness look easy on new mixtape, Child’s Play. Listen here![@erikflowchild]

Listen to the lastest mixtape by talented Toronto rapper Erik Flowchild titled, Child’s Play. Aptly named, Flowchild effortlessly navigates his rhymes with substance and finesse distinguishing him from the class of rappers who cant rhyme past girls and money. Based on his talent alone, Flowchild has made a name for him self, and the sheer dopeness of this tape explains all of the rappers…

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• New EP: THESIS- oOohhCola [@oOohhCola]

• Trust us, this is a Thesis that you’ll enjoying listening to! Stream @oOohhCola’s EP here


Cola has taken to the SoundCloud streets to release his debut EP titled THESIS. Written and produced entirely by himself and brother Clairmont, this. EP. is. the one.

I sincerely mean this.

Cola and Clairmoint are no strangers to The Known Unknown circuit. With Cola having performed at two separate events dabbling in the genres of both rap and punk and Clairmont also performing at an event with…

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